This standard is intended for use in any organisation of any industrial sector regardless of size, type, product or service. The purpose of this standard is to help all kinds of organizations to protect the environment, to prevent pollution, and to improve their overall environmental performance.

Organisational Benefits

  • Meet PQQ and tender requirements
  • New business generation
  • Reduced: environmental problems, energy costs and waste
  • Integrated with existing systems such as ISO9001 and ISO45001
  • Being seen as green and proving you are a green company
  • Monitoring and effectively measuring your environmental impact with a commitment to reduce it
  • Company wide awareness of Environmental Issues and Energy Efficiency
  • Reducing environmental risk, legal fines and bad publicity
  • Potential cost savings from environmental improvements
  • Promoveo Systems Ltd specialises in taking business through the entire process simply and effectively with the ultimate goal to achieve ISO status for your company

The implementation process

  • Approach environmental issues as a means of improving business competitiveness
  • Assess environmental risk/impact
  • Improve performance and generate new business
  • Evaluate legislative awareness and compliance
  • Review management practices with a view to obtaining ISO 14001 certification
  • Carry out internal audits and management review.
  • Develop environmental cost saving solutions
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