This standard is intended for use in any organisation of any industrial sector regardless of size, type, product or service. The standard provides a number of requirements which an organisation needs to fulfill if it is to achieve ISO9001 status for its operations and systems.

Organisational Benefits

  • Improved competitiveness, capability and performance
  • Improved process/service control
  • Clearer understanding of business operations
  • Improved market impact and improved tender scoring
  • New business generation
  • Improved product and service quality
  • Improved consistency of output.

In addition to these, ISO 9001 requires a Quality Policy and Quality Manual which can be used as an effective marketing tool for companies promoting their systems to customers and PQQs. The entire system will need to be internally audited, identifying problems and systems not meeting the procedures or requirements. A good set of internal audits will put you in good stead for the external assessment. Once this is completed the next step is to carry out a management review analyzing the system and its data. Promoveo Systems specialise in taking business through the entire process simply and effectively with the ultimate goal to achieve ISO status for your company.

The implementation process

  • Address product/service issues
  • Introduce quality-orientated management systems and processes
  • Review existing management practices
  • Develop management systems based on ISO 9001 with a view to certification
  • Create templates for continual company improvement
  • Carry out the internal audit or mock audit to make sure the system is ready
  • Take you through the certification process including obtaining quotes and selecting certification bodies
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