ISO 9001 Audit Training

Onsite training relevant to your industry which will enable attendees to gain an understanding of the ISO9001 standard and also the opportunity to carry out a realistic internal audit in a role play scenario.

Contents of Audit Workshop
  • ISO 9001- Workshop Agenda
  • Section 1 Introduction to Auditing
  • Section 2 Introduction to Standards
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001 and Others
  • Section 3 ISO 9001 In depth Sections
    • 1-3 General Section
    • 4.0 Quality Management System Section
    • 5.0 Management Responsibility Section
    • 6.0 Resource Management Section
    • 7.0 Product/Service Realisation Section
    • 8.0 Measurement Analysis & Improvement
  • Section 4 Auditing Techniques
  • Section 5 Role play
Benefits of Internal Auditing
  • Standardises, organises and controls operations
  • Meets the requirements of ISO9001
  • Provides for the consistent dissemination of information
  • Identifies corrective and preventive action
  • Ensures compliance with systems and procedures
  • Encourages improvement
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