ISO 14001 Audit Training

Onsite training relevant to your industry which will enable attendees to gain an understanding of the ISO14001 standard, environmental awareness, legislation and also the opportunity to carry out a realistic internal audit in a role play scenario. ISO14001 – Workshop Agenda
  • Section 1 Introduction to Environmental Issues
  • Section 2 Environmental Legislation
  • Section 3 Waste Minimisation Projects and Best Practice Guidance
  • Section 4 EMS Management System ISO14001
    • Introduction to ISO14001
    • Workshops and auditing role play
  • Section 5 Problems and Pitfalls
  • Section 6 Benefits and summary
Benefits of Internal Auditing
  • An essential part of any management system and helps you to judge the effectiveness of controls that have been put in place.
  • Audits can also give you an insight into how well your company is performing at any given time.
  • Audit can identify both positive and negative issues which might have otherwise been missed.
  • Check projects are on course to meet targets.
  • Take remedial action where progress is not on target.
  • Provide feedback to staff and the management.
Document progress in accordance with the system Contact us for more information.

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